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Wall Pendant for Baby Boy - Tehillim Hamsa



A one of a kind hanging wall ornament, full of inspiration, protection and blessing.
The pendant is designed in the shape of a Hamsa coated in sterling silver and has at the center a small book of Tehillim held in place by a handle with embossed stars. At the center of the pendant the blessing words read: "An abundance of light, happiness and joy, a new baby has joined the family, and he will bring lots of good luck, smiles, love and health for the most part". Around the blessing are sweet tiny decorations and at the top a blue eye for protection.
The Hamsa hangs from a graceful blue checkered ribbon.
Makes an especially exciting gift, rich in motifs of guarding and protecting, for the new baby boy that just now happily joined the family.Length: 10 cm Width: 8 cm

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