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Western wall Mezuza - Turquoise



You still haven't seen anything like this! A mezuzah that has the Wailing Wall stones and a beautiful depiction of the eternal Jerusalem. The mezuzah is designed in the shape of the stones of the Wailing Wall and has the very holy and symbolical Hebrew letter "Shin" at the top, embedded with a turquoise crystal. The bottom of the mezuzah is decorated by an artistic drawing of Jerusalem with the Wailing Wall situated at its center. The mezuzah is coated in sterling silver. This piece combines delicate simplicity that contains a world of Jewish symbols, sophistication, and excitingly designed beauty. It makes for a unique, blessed and moving gift that you will love to grant to any home that your heart goes out to.
The mezuzah case is suitable for a 12 cm "klaf" (parchment). 

Length: 16 cm Width: 3 cm

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